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EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument

What is the benefit of EMS Training The Model909 Powersuit is for those just starting their fitness journey who want to ;
Basic Info
Model NO. BB909
Size Xs,S,M,L,XL,XXL
Technology EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Warranty 2 Years
Certification CE, Ctt, EMC, RoHS, SGS,Gts.
Function Firming, Cardio, Thinning, Relax
Advantage Wireless, Full Body Workout, Dry Conduction
After-Sales Service Provided Online Support, Video Technical Support
System Android/Ios System
Battery Capacity 2650mAh
Training Suit Clean Machine Wash / Hand Wash
Transport Package Carton
Specification Material: Silver Fiber + Spandex
Trademark Bodytech
Origin China
Production Capacity 1000 Sets / Month
Product Description

What is the benefit of EMS Training

The Model909 Powersuit is for those just starting their fitness journey who want to experience the benefits and see results of EMS but are not ready for the full professional EMS experience. Perfect for the busy professional or home-maker looing to slim down and tone up and who needs a little help on their fitness and wellness journey.

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument


Muscle building.Toning exercises, enhances the activity of the body. Increases energy consumption and Metabolism.

Designed for Women and Men in the phase of physical maintenance.

Anti Cellulite

The increased vascularity of the connective tissue rapid improve in the condition of the skin, reduces sagging and produces a gradual rejuvenation.


Type specific Currents to improve the skin, sagging and localized FAT. Program focused on the consumption of calories.


For the training of Persons in need of Functional Recovery, Presence of pathologies or skeletal muscle aches or pains, correction of the figure. Advised to finish each training. Antiestresante. Prevents contractures or tendinitis.


For more profound and Intense muscular activity. Recommended for regular Practitioners of Sports good, beginners or people who want a Quick increase of muscle mass.


Eliminates flaccidity and reaffirms the tissues and muscle fibers


Product Feature


Wireless EMS technology brings a new dimension of effectiveness to your business. Bodytech offers the possibility to intensify any kind of sports activity without cables and limits.


Bodytech is incomparable in the controlled release of force. Digitally controlled by a smartphone, the system is a precision tool for improving training performance in less time.


In contrast to conventional EMS training, you do not have to squeeze into a wet vest, which was previously worn by many other people.


The innovative full body suit made of antibacterial fabric has 20 impulse areas with integrated silver ions. As every user gets his own suit, viruses and bacteria have no chance.


The Bodytech Powersuit fits like a second skin, even as you put it on it gives you that "feel good" sensation.

You can start training immediately, and after a short time you will see a significant increase in performance. A positive change in the body, tailored to your personal needs.


The heart of the system combines low and medium frequencies with maximum depth effect and adapts itself highly dynamically to the person doing the training.

Pulses are only transmitted when your nerves are receptive. Enjoy 90 minutes of training every week


The command centre is currently pre-installed with 5 training programes and individual combination options for a tailor-made and functional EMS workout. Including intuitive touchscreen operation and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Train whenever and wherever you want

With ems Powersuit you can carry out EMS training anytime, anywhere. The EMS system amplifies any training stimulus with finely adjustable impulses and enables an efficient workout. Everyone can take advantage of proper EMS training at home by using ems Powersuit. The System can also be used on holiday, when travelling, or in a studio of your choice whilst training like the professionals.Acquire your own ems Powersuit and enjoy EMS training at home or anywhere in the world, just as you wish.

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument

Company Introduction

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument

EMS Slimming Body Muscle EMS Muscle Electric Stimulation Instrument


Question: Do I have to make the stretch suit wet?Answer: No, since we are working with a real dry suit here, which has no more cotton (=non-conductor) over the electrodes, this suit works dry.

Question: How many electrodes are in the suit and where are they placed?Answer: There are 20 electrodes, so 10 pairs of electrodes sewn into the suit, which can be controlled individually;Placement: biceps, triceps, chest, upper back, middle back, lower back, buttocks, abdomen, front thigh and rear thigh.

Question: Are the lines laid so that the suit stretch movements survive?Answer: Yes, the electrodes are connected via a special sewing thread so that you can perform all movements unrestricted.

Question: Does the suit hinder me during my exercises?Answer: No, you are completely free and do not feel the thin stretch suit during your workout.

Question: How may I clean the suit?Answer: Maximum 30 ° C in the gentle wash cycle in the laundry bag, without spin cycle or - even better - hand wash.

Question:Can I also wear the EMS stretch suit under sportswear?Answer: Yes, it is possible, for example, to put on a jogging suit and go jogging. (..of which 20 minutes with electricity).

Question:Do I wear underwear under the suit while exercising?Answer: No, you do not need to put anything on under the suit.

Question:Is there a limit on how many times I can do the workout or how many times I install the app?Answer: No, there are no technical limitations. You can install the app on your Android and IOS smartphone at the same time and use it as often as you like (e.g. for your partner, ...).

Question:So far I have trained in the EMS studio. Is the workout at home comparable and can it be done at all?Answer: Yes, you can do the workout at home as well.

Question: How long does the suit last?Answer: You don't have to wash the suit after every workout because it is made of an antibacterial material. We have successfully tested the suit withover 300 washes in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle.

Question: How long does the battery and what kind of battery is used?Answer: The battery of our POWERBox lasts for 18-20 trainings à 20 minutes - depending on the training intensity. Since we use a LiIo battery with 2650 mAh, you can also charge it in between without harming

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