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2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

Overview Our products can be used in retailers, beauty technicians, salons, wholesalers, brands, beauty factories, techn;
Basic Info
Model NO. MNLT-S8
Color White
Material Metal
Screen 10.4 Inch Large LCD Touch Screen
Treatment Area Back+Knee+Waist+Shank+Ankle
Assure 1 Year
Handle 4 Handles, 3 Handles, 2 Handles
Gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical Technology External Use
Certificate CE
Disposable Disposable
Service OEM Private Logo
Output Frequency 308Hz
Transport Package Aluminum Box and Foam
Specification 42x27x62cm
Trademark MNLT
Origin Weifang-Shandong-China
HS Code 5345202204
Production Capacity 50000pieces/Year
Product Description
Our products can be used in retailers, beauty technicians, salons, wholesalers, brands, beauty factories, technician training companies and other beauty places.we provide customers with lighting customization, graphic customization, language customization,sample processing and other customized products.Our factory provide OEM, ODM services.
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Our Advantages

Micro-Vibration Inner Ball LED Handle EndospheresSlimming beauty Equipment

How the Endospheres Machine Works: The four handles of this device create a vibrating pumping effect that stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn promotes cleansing and nourishment of all skin cells and promotes detoxification, flushes out toxins, and the movement effect of squeezing the muscles induces muscle tone . This allows for more efficient blood circulation and helps the muscles in the treated area become stronger.

Advantage 1

The machine has a vasoactive effect: both the compression and the vibratory action create a deep stimulation at the vascular and metabolic level. Stimulate tissue to produce "vascular movement", the rotation and vibration of delicate silicone balls, stimulate stem cells to heal. Reduces undulations on the skin's surface, as well as eliminates typical cellulite. Thereby improving the microcirculation system, making the muscles stronger and the skin smoother. The product uses imported accessories, which are most similar to the original machine functions. The four handles are fully functional and the machine has a longer life

The compressive micro-vibrations of the machine and the pulsating, rhythmic action of the mechanoreceptors can reduce or eliminate pain in a short period of time. Receptors improve oxygenation and reduce tissue inflammation, both for uncomfortable cellulite and lymphedema. The analgesic effect of the Ednospheres device has been successfully used in rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Advantage 2

This beauty machine has 4 handles in total, of which 2 large roller handles can be used for the treatment of large areas such as the abdomen, back and thighs; 1 small roller handle is used for the treatment of small areas such as the face, hands and arms

In addition, we are exclusively equipped with an EMS handle, which is treated together with the other three handles. The effect is very obvious. The EMS handle is our unique treatment method and approach that is very convenient for users. The large one treats what, the small one treats the face, plus an EMS handle, combined with the large handle and small handle for treatment, the effect is very obvious, and the customer experience very good

Advantage 32 handles can work at the same time, EMS handle and a small handle with treatment for facial care, lifting, firming. At present, other suppliers in the market do not have EMS function handles,In addition, there is a button on the large handle to change the direction of rotation, which can be adjusted directly on the handle, which is very convenient for treatmentAt present, the handle of our machine has real-time pressure display, and the LED light bar on the handle shows the real-time pressure to avoid causing discomfort to customers. experience,

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

Advantage 4
Our product's exclusive EMS treatment handle function: EMS handle uses transdermal electroporation, which acts on the pores opened by facial treatments, which allows 90% of selected products to reach deeper layers of the skin. 1. Reduce bags under the eyes 2. Eliminate dark circles 3. Even skin tone 4. Activate cell metabolism 5. Deeply nourish the skin 6. Build muscle At present, the rotation speed of the roller handle of our product is 1540 rpm, and the frequency is 308HZ. It is much higher than similar products currently on the market, which makes the treatment effect more effective and obvious. 10.2 Color touch screen, the machine comes with 2 standard languages, English and Russian. You can also add and set your own language and logo, which is more convenient to operate

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

Detailed Photos

Generally speaking, our products have the following characteristics and advantages:

1. Vibration frequency: 308Hz, speed 1540 rpm. Other machine frequencies are usually less than 100Hz, 400 revolutions.2. Handle: This machine is equipped with 3 roller handles, one large and one small, and supports two roller handles to work at the same time.3. The machine is equipped with an EMS handle, this EMS handle combined with a small face roller works best.4. The service life of the whole machine is more than 12000 hours, and the service life of each roller handle motor is 4000 hours.5. There are two kinds of handle balls, one is hard silicone, the other is soft silicone, the soft one is blue-black, and the hard one is transparent.

Treatment effect

Body Treatment

-- Excess body weight -- Cellulite on problem areas (butt, hips, abdomen, legs, arms)-- Poor circulation of venous blood--Reduced muscle tone or muscle spasms-- Flabby or puffy skin
Face Treatment-- Smooths wrinkles-- Lifts the cheeks-- Plumps the lips-- Shapes the facial contours-- Tunes the skin-- Relaxes the facial expression muscles

Technical Parameter

Product nameInner Ball Roller Massage Endo Ball spheres Therapy Machine
Warranty1 year
Touch screen 10.4 inch large LCD
Handle pieces 4 pieces handles (3 pieces Roller handles, one EMS handle)
Function 1face lifting/lymphatic drainage
Function 2 Weight Loss, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction
Handle lifetime4000 hours
Machine power3000W
Rotating speed 1540грm

Packaging & Shipping

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

Company Profile

Our company has an efficient sales team, timely product supply and perfect technical support, with R & D, technology, sales,after-sales, production, warehousing and other departments, committed to push the products to a more modern, more perfect realm.Our company has 16 years of history, 2 years of product warranty, more than 7,0000 customers in 128 countries around the world, we regard your sincere cooperation as the greatest honor, welcome friends to visit and guide

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere

2023 CE Inner Roller Therapy Lymphatic EMS 360 Rotation 4 Handles Endosphere


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