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Rapid Response EMS funds paramedic training with Michigan grant

Apr 08, 2023

A state grant will fully fund training for 10 licensed paramedics for Rapid Response EMS

There is a massive shortage of licensed paramedics in Michigan, where Rapid Response EMS provides emergent and non-emergent medical transportation to hospitals, nursing facilities, municipalities, private industry and patients.

A typical paramedic course can cost north of $9,000. In many cases, this cost is simply too much for a candidate and prohibits someone from advancing their skills and career advancement opportunities.

The challenge to recruit, hire and retain paramedics in the current Southeastern Michigan area has been met with a laser pointed focus. Rapid Response EMS was recently awarded a competitive Michigan Department of Health and Human Services grant to fully fund initial paramedic training.

We decided to apply for the grant to bridge the gap between the current EMT workforce and the need for additional paramedics. The funding opportunity removes the financial burden for EMTs by providing us the opportunity to train our existing EMT workforce with zero out-of-pocket expense. In addition to fully funding initial paramedic training, the award includes a provision for paid wages while each student is in the course during the grant period.

This grant award will help augment our current advanced life support 911 deployment footprint and ultimately better service the communities that rely on our emergency services with additional licensed paramedics. This grant opportunity will place 10 brand new rapid response EMS licensed paramedics into a healthcare system that will be ready for them on day 1.

The grant application process was well organized and required us to submit clear objectives, goals, cost allocations and a solid work plan. It did take a lot of focused time to prepare accurately, however, we are pleased with our efforts. I applaud the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for not only recognizing the need for this grant program but for their actions in putting it in motion.

This grant opportunity will make a significant positive impact by placing much-needed paramedics into our service area. We recommend every EMS agency, especially private for-profit agencies, seek out grant funding opportunities and submit applications to strengthen the current EMS workforce and ultimately provide additional licensed professionals in their respective service areas.

Our next focus will be grant funding procurement to recruit, train and retain EMTs to augment our current workforce.

Jason Hosmer is vice president of Rapid Response EMS. He has served in various administrative roles with Rapid Response since 2007, including marketing, business development and finance roles. He currently serves on a medical control advisory board. Previously, he was general manager for another private service for approximately 10 years.

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