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Senior EMS Instructor (SEI)

Aug 02, 2023

The EMS and Trauma System section establishes and maintains the integrity of EMS education. We make sure education is up to standard to ensure that Washington's citizens have reliable, trustworthy emergency care.

The senior EMS instructors' qualification process aims to enhance EMS instruction and to encourage continuing quality improvement.

Senior EMS Instructors – WAC 246-976-031 and 032 – these rules provide the requirements necessary to become recognized or to renew recognition as a senior EMS instructor (SEI) in Washington State.

If you have any questions about the senior EMS instructor qualification process, call 360-236-2842 or contact us.

Note: Candidates will need to work with a currently approved SEI to complete the SEIC process. SEI teach courses under Washington state approved EMS Training Programs. If you have questions, contact us.

Complete prerequisites.

Submit SEI application and all documents to the department at the address listed on the SEI application requesting SEI-candidate status.

If approved as an SEI-candidate an initial recognition application procedure (IRAP) handbook will be issued.

SEIC works with current SEI to complete IRAP.

Submit completed IRAP and SEI application requesting initial SEI status to the department at the address listed on the SEI application.

If approved, an SEI credential will be issued along with a renewal application procedure (RAP) handbook for completion during the certification cycle.

SEI needs association with a state-approved EMS training program to conduct EMS courses..

2002 National Guidelines for Educating EMS Instructors is the adopted minimum state standard for initial instructor courses.

The list of currently approved recognized courses that meet the minimum standard includes:

A teaching certificate issued by a state board of education, or completion of an accredited post-secondary school of instruction, or

Centers for Domestic Preparedness (CDC) Instructor Training Course (40 hour) plus additional GAP material, to be covered by SEI, or

Central Washington University (CWU) EMS 465 Educational Methodologies course, or

Department of Defense Instructor Courses, i.e., U.S. Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) [previously Total Army Instructor Training Course (TAITC)], or similar, or

EMSSuccess online EMS Instructor 40-hour course, or

National Association of EMS educators (NAEMSE) Instructor Course, part 1, or

NFPA 1041: Fire Service Instructor I and II, or

The Professional Education and Resource Company (PERCOM) online EMS instructor course.

The department does not endorse a specific course, only identifies courses that meet the minimum standard. Students need to consult directly with programs regarding course process.

If your course is not listed on our website, contact us.

This "open-book" examination is one of the prerequisites that must be successfully completed to begin the initial or renewal SEI recognition process. The required passing score is 100 percent. On this Web version, reference documents are provided that contain information necessary to successfully answer the question. The purpose of this examination is to educate the SEI initial or renewal candidate and demonstrate their knowledge in statutes and rules pertinent to Washington State EMS.

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