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Photos, videos: How police, fire and EMS agencies participated in First Responder Wellness Week

Jul 24, 2023

First Responder Wellness Week was designed to provide resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job

By Editorial Staff

Every day, around the clock, our nation's first responders give it their all. The job is uniquely rewarding. It's also uniquely challenging, with physical, mental and emotional impacts.

Our inaugural First Responder Wellness Week, which ran from March 27-31, was designed to provide resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job. Every day, we tackled a different issue impacting the health of first responders, including nutrition, sleep hygiene, mental well-being and healthy coping strategies.

Below, we have rounded up the top #FirstResponderWellnessWeek social media posts from police, fire and EMS agencies nationwide. These agencies fully embraced Wellness Week to ensure their employees are physically and mentally fit.

Did your agency participate in this year's First Responder Wellness Week? Send us a social link and we'll add it to our roundup. And don't forget to mark your calendar for the last week in March 2024 as we look to continue our #FRWW efforts again next year.

On behalf of the First Responder Wellness Week, while in roll call our Officers joined Lt. Haddock on Day 1 of stretches and tips on how to better understand the mental and physical health risks that comes with the job.#PPD #FirstResponderWellnessWeek #MentalHealth…

DAY 2 Sleep & Fatigue - An individual's health, both emotionally and professionally, can be impacted by fatigue in many spheres. An aspect of being fit for duty is getting enough sleep. Today Capt. Pizarro joined Roll Call and gave a better understanding of the importance of…

DAY 3 Nutrition & Eating - Why is nutrition important for law enforcement officers?Eating well while working in law enforcement can occasionally be difficult due to long shifts, prolonged car trips, and overnight shifts. These factors can all make it difficult to maintain a…

DAY 4 Mental Health - Police officers report higher rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the latest law enforcement statistics by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), police officers report much higher rates of…

DAY 5 Healthy Coping Strategies - Officers develop a variety of coping strategies to handle stress resulting from their official duties. Some coping strategies are maladaptive, such as alcohol misuse and withdrawal from social support. Proactive coping strategies include…

Being a 1st responder is incredibly rewarding…but it can also be incredibly taxing on the mind, body, and soul. It's the inaugural #FirstResponderWellnessWeek, offering self-care info and support to the nation's public safety personnel. Learn more:

We're proud to advocate for EMS mental & physical well-being during #FirstResponderWellnessWeek, sponsored by @Lexipol.From EMS to firefighters to police, we are exceptionally grateful for their service. Let's take care of those who take care of us! 🫶

Sgt. Hilaire (Ret.) reminds his fellow officers, "We train to be tactical survivors and winners in our #LEO roles. We need to tactically eat like a #winneras well."Learn more about #Officer Wellness tips this @Lexipol #FirstResponderWellnessWeek:

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Join us in supporting the well-being of first responders during @Lexipol's #FirstRespondersWellnessWeek!From March 27-31, access resources and tips to prioritize wellness of first responders and their families:

This is First Responder Wellness Week. Their risks don't stop at the end of the day.

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