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Fitness that Fits All: Iron BodyFit Chelsea’s Approach to Innovative, Solution

Sep 28, 2023

CHELSEA, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2022 / In a fast-paced, unrelentless world, all aspects of lifestyle need to adjust accordingly. And while this often translates into compromise and concession in certain areas, workouts can be flexible, personalized and time-effective. It may seem counter-intuitive; surely the best way to get results is to spend more time at the gym? At Iron BodyFit, a novel concept gym which specializes in fitness technology, one of the core principles is that workouts are for everyone, regardless of how busy their lives may be.

With over 100 locations over 7 countries, Iron BodyFit is now set to open its newest franchise in Chelsea, New York, offering its state of the art services including personalized trainers, EMS technology and other intensive equipment to help you achieve your best fitness yet. EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation, is an advanced technology comprising an electric-powered body suit which stimulates various muscle groups in your functional anatomy. This ability to localize muscle groups allows the technology to target dormant muscle groups, providing more holistic fitness than a traditional workout. EMS training also has a host of other incredible benefits, including improved blood circulation, better lung capacity, skin tightening, boosted collagen production and reduced muscle tension.

At Iron BodyFit Chelsea, modern technology coupled with certified personal training ensures that you have a safe, effective and biomechanically sound workout. The trainers work in unison with each member, ensuring that posture, mechanics and length/tension relationships are all taken into account before designing a personalized workout that gets results. And the best part? With the inclusion of the EMS training, you can pack in 4 hours worth of intensive exercise into a mere 25 minute session, making this your perfect solution to on-the-go, time-efficient fitness.

At Iron BodyFit Chelsea, the workout programmes aim to alleviate common musculoskeletal complaints, ranging from aches and pains to restricted movements and stiffness. Most of these ailments can be attributed to muscular imbalances which cause pattern overload. But with proper training, pattern overload injuries can be avoided, so you never injure yourself during a workout.

One of the best parts about the Iron BodyFit experience is that it's tailored to each member, from the moment you step into the gym. With their Iron DIAG process, an individual full-body assessment is completed which captures essential data about your body, which helps the team design specific nutritional advice and individual support. In addition, it provides a practical approach to tracking results. To maximize efficiency, each person is assigned a maximum of two trainers to ensure familiarity with their unique journey and fitness goals.

To learn more about Iron BodyFit Chelsea, check out their Instagram. To sign up and schedule a free trial, head over to their official website.


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