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Engaged Media Studios announces slate of new partnerships, projects and progress as the company looks ahead to a successful 2023

Jun 19, 2023

Ably led by founder, president and CEO Jacqueline Shorter-Beauchamp, fast-moving enterprise charts a steady course through the cloudy tech haze

HOUSTON, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the tech industry nationwide scrambles to navigate challenges and recalibrate amid the latest headlines, one company, Engaged Media Studios, Inc. (EMS) is trending upward. EMS is on the rise and continuing to progress toward its goal of leading in its space, and making modern Black history and Women's history an everyday occurrence.

A respected African American and female-owned enterprise, EMS has made several measured and noteworthy power moves to position itself for prominence, service and accomplishment—this year and beyond. Helmed by tech and gaming pioneer, veteran storyteller and international businesswoman Jacqueline Shorter-Beauchamp, co-founder, chairman and CEO, EMS has recently completed relocation from the city of its birth, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to expansive new headquarters offices in Houston, Texas, one of the nation's fastest growing tech hubs.

The new home base is just steps away from the company's largest strategic technology partner, Microsoft, a burgeoning ten-year relationship that she carefully engineered, and that both entities are proud of. EMS' headquarters will house a sprawling studio SaaS, Web3.0, Video Games, and VR/MR/AR Immersive integrated products and solutions servicing the Museum, Entertainment, Education, Industrial and Government market segments.

An inspiring feather in her cap, Ms. Shorter-Beauchamp is a valued partner of Microsoft's Black Partner Growth Initiative (BPGI), an influential organization conceived to provide support and empower African American tech entrepreneurs and their businesses by leveraging the connections and resources within the Microsoft Partner Network to develop, innovate and publish software solutions. She is additionally a Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP), a group that assembles partner-focused teams from across the company to blend their expertise and knowledge in the technical, marketing, business development and programs arenas.

"In the unique work that we do at Engaged Media Studios, I see endless possibility and growth, and it's exciting. There is promise in telling diverse stories that need to be told, we bring a diverse voice to the table that bridges digital media intersection of technology, storytelling and culture," Ms. Beauchamp states. "Worlds can be imagined, created and then re-imagined without limitations and boundaries. Utilizing our platform, people are able to envision a new future—a future of open doors and endless opportunity."

Ms. Shorter-Beauchamp and EMS just recently debuted the new Black History Utah immersive experience in partnership with the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft, during the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, while also participating as a panel speaker on Women in Gaming hosted by Microsoft and HBCU | D9 Black Excellence, hosted by the University of Utah. Ms. Shorter-Beauchamp will be a panel speaker at the upcoming SXSW 2023 Conference in Austin, TX on the topic of The Biz of Being Human: Volumetric Humans at Scale.

ABOUT ENAGAGED MEDIA STUDIOSEngaged Media Studios, Inc. (EMS) is a digital media technology and entertainment production company producing SaaS, Web3.0, Video Games and VR/MR/AR Immersive integrated products and solutions servicing the Museum, Entertainment, Education, Industrial and Government market segments.

With a specialty in, and passion for reaching and respecting diverse audiences with transformational solutions, products and experiences that transcend boundaries, EMS' leadership team is the first African American Microsoft licensed XBOX game developer to ship on the XBOX 360 console, and stands driven and prepared to be a key leader of the world's digital future. For more information, please connect with us at

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