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Aug 28, 2023

Lady Warriors owner Amy Mathers and her husband Tony Mathers demonstrate self defense maneuvers to the all-female class. Located in Bentonville, the gym provides a judgment-free environment for women to exercise.

Walking into Lady Warriors immerses members in classes that are not only challenging by using functional movements that are part of everyday life, but also fun and full of support.

Joining the women's-only gym in Bentonville begins with a free consultation to identify goals with a coach followed by a free transformation program trial, according to the Lady Warriors website.

A difference between this gym and other more traditional ones is not allowing members the option to walk in and work out independently. Rather, they focus on individual and personalized training with specific instruction from staff and faculty, owner and head coach Amy Mathers said.

"We do not want this place to just be a gym membership," Mathers said, "I mean you can't even just walk in and use it like an open gym. We want to guide women to getting the results they want, whether that's through a mindset or just small goals."

Training in the gym is split between two main practices: individualized training and group classes. The personal training includes 30-minute one-on-one workout sessions tailored to the needs of the member and a trainer who provides nutrition guidance from meal planning to progress tracking, accountability and support, Mathers said.

"We want to take every person's pain they carry in and turn it around," Mathers said. "We’re not personal trainers, we’re coaches, which is different. Through a system like this, you’re able to get that one-on-one time with a professional to focus on specific growth that depends on the person."

The gym staff is made up of personal trainers and fit coaches, which are the classes and coaches that instruct those who have memberships for group classes only. The staff consists of four personal trainers including Mathers, according to their website.

Jeanie Williams, 42, of Bentonville, has been going to the Lady Warriors gym since September 2022.

"The trainers truly care about each lady that goes through there," Williams said. "They make a point to get to know you as an individual. They provide great feedback, regardless of your fitness level, education and encouragement. It really is an inclusive, safe environment."

The transformation program is $69 weekly and includes unlimited classes, personal training, habit coaching, nutrition coaching and around-the-clock accountability, Mathers said. The fit class membership is $35 per week and members have unlimited access to classes.

The group classes focus on using movements that are typical in women's daily lives to ensure proper function, according to the website. They also emphasize proper form and technique with free weights, kettlebells and medicine balls to prevent injury.

"I think the No. 1 reason (women-only fitness is important) is women want to feel safe and not judged," Mathers said. "They’re very insecure when trying to learn a new skill around men or even just other women. It can be very intimidating. A lot of people already know what to do. Lady Warriors allows them to come in and not have a feeling of judgment and breaks down the barrier of having to feel uncomfortable in their bodies around other people."

Classes are designed for building community and peer accountability with the other Lady Warriors. All warrior fit group classes are not only challenging, but fun and full of support, according to the website.

Building personal relationships with trainers maintains accountability, but that community of women that built through classes pushes members to continue to go and grow their health, Williams said.

The group classes consist of four main categories tailored to personal growth and community accountability.

The "Box N Burn" and "POUND.Rockout.Workout" center on cardio strength and endurance, with different workouts to achieve the goal of a stronger heart. The "Active Mobility & Flexibility" and "Big Booty" workouts focus more on muscle strength and safe mobility, with less emphasis on cardio-vascular work, according to the website.

"They're all going through the same journey, and we like to have it very functional where all sizes, shapes and ages are comfortable, especially depending on where you’re at in that journey," Mathers said.

Tandy Engle, 33, of Bella Vista, is in pursuit of her own personal trainer's license after becoming a member of Lady Warriors.

"I’ve never been a gym person in my life and trying fitness for the first time was very scary. I didn't know what to do and didn't want to ask," Engle said. "Lady Warriors really break it down for you. I see all different body types and all different ages, and there's really a community. I never thought I would go on to instruct."

Lady Warriors also neighbors Eternal Warrior, a gym that provides jiujitsu classes. While it is not a women's-only gym, the Lady Warriors schedule specific time in the gym to have women's-only jiujitsu classes. Mathers’ husband owns Eternal Warrior, and they both find it important to provide women with a safe environment, she said.

Anyone interested can join by signing up for the free consultation and program trail on the Lady Warriors website.

"The Lady Warriors gym is much more designed for all fitness levels, and a very inclusive environment," Williams said. "I feel safe versus some of the larger gyms where you might not get some of the same attention on your form or feedback, or just feeling like you don't fit in. My only regret is that I wish I found it sooner."

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