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10 Supercharged Facts About EMS Technology

May 31, 2023

You may have heard of Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS Training. If not, you have likely seen images of people working out in what appears to be specialized workout suits. But what exactly is EMS, and does it actually work?

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation was pioneered in Europe, with more than 1,700 EMS studios in Germany and Austria alone. EMS sends impulses to muscles, helping them contract more times than a conventional workout will allow – without straining joints.

The global muscle stimulation devices market is estimated to be worth $912.1 million by 2027. Pulse Performance Franchising, based in Austin, Texas, offers opportunities to become part of this rapidly-growing industry. Pulse Performance EMS fitness studio franchises combine EMS training and EMS Sculpt with additional services that provide a comprehensive approach to fitness. The leadership team behind Pulse Performance experienced the benefits of EMS technology firsthand and launched the franchise opportunity to make it accessible to everyone.

People seek EMS technology for many reasons: EMS offers an effective workout that's time efficient. It gives faster results than a regular workout, comes with a personal trainer, produces 98% muscle activation, has zero impact and increases lifespan.

Still wondering why and for what benefits someone is doing this type of training? Well, here we look at ten amazing facts about EMS.

Athletes can power up their games with EMS fitness training. It increases strength, agility, speed, core stability and dynamic power, helping sports hobbyists and elite athletes improve their game. From golf and tennis to soccer to running, consistent EMS fitness training has benefited athletes.

EMS training has many therapeutic benefits and helps people achieve wellness goals. EMS sessions offer:

EMS fitness machines offer training for strength, endurance and recovery. While EMS strength training is typically performed one to two times per week, EMS endurance and recovery sessions can be done more frequently.

During an EMS session, impulses activate more than 98% of muscles simultaneously throughout all major muscle groups. According to Miha Bodytec, a manufacturer of EMS training equipment, each muscle reacts with 85 contractions per second compared to traditional strength training, which only activates one to two contractions per second in one muscle group.

You can tone and sculpt with EMS workouts. While the most common use of EMS is rehabilitation and fitness training, EMS technology is also used with EMS Sculpt to tone and burn fat in targeted areas. You can shape your body with the power of non-invasive electromagnetic energy. EMS Sculpt is FDA approved to target abs, glutes, arms and thighs. EMS Sculpt has the power to tone muscle and burn fat. This leading-edge technology delivers up to 30,000 contractions in just one 30-minute session. That's over 22 standard workouts packed into half an hour!

There's no heavy lifting with EMS training. EMS offers a great way to work out and get fit, especially when you cannot participate in conventional fitness training. EMS training should always be personalized to your fitness level by a certified EMS trainer. It is low impact and low strain. You can get all the benefits of a traditional workout without lifting, pushing or pulling anything heavy, so you are not taxing your joints or overworking muscles. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries and allows you to enjoy a low-strain, low-impact short workout that still burns calories and helps tone your body while building lean muscle mass. In fact, EMS technology was initially introduced as a means of physical rehab.

Safety is at the core of EMS Training and EMS Sculpt. Both EMS Training and EMS Sculpt are FDA approved, and specifically, EMS Sculpt is a safe and non-invasive alternative to cosmetic procedures that target fat loss in specific areas. There is no recovery period or downtime with EMS Sculpt.

EMS technology can be used anytime and anywhere. While full EMS training should be done with a certified EMS trainer, several portable options allow you to use EMS technology for various purposes anytime and anywhere. A TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is one of the most common devices. TENS are small devices that use low voltage electrical current to relieve pain in a target area. Some of the most common conditions for which TENS has been used include:

Other portable options include EMS belts/pads, ab stimulators and wireless EMS suits.

EMS sessions are effective and safe for all fitness levels. Whether you are just starting to get fit or are a professional athlete, the training session is low impact and easy on the joints. If you have suffered from an injury or suffer from chronic pain, EMS is still proven safe and beneficial for rehab workouts and workouts for seniors. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from EMS, including athletes and celebrities. Even Olympic athletes like Usain Bolt use EMS training in their regimens.

EMS training sessions are extremely efficient. They last only 20 minutes and deliver the same benefits as two-and-a-half hours of conventional strength training and two hours of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The Pulse Performance franchise makes EMS technology accessible to everyone. The company offers a proven system for investors who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of a unique concept in a rapidly-growing industry. The business model offers a turn-key membership-based business with multiple revenue streams, training and support. Here's what investors should know about the Pulse Performance franchise opportunity.

Pulse Performance is currently accepting applications for franchise ownership. For additional information on the Pulse Performance franchising opportunity, visit

Please note that before starting any new fitness regimen, you should consult your doctor. Although EMS training is generally safe for most, there are a few contraindications that will prohibit you from participating in an EMS session.

What is EMS Technology? EMS Technology and Franchising 10 Amazing Facts About EMS EMS technology benefits everyone from high-level athletes to seniors. 1. EMS Helps Athletic Performance 2. EMS Training is Therapeutic 3. EMS Fitness Machines Build Strength 4. EMS Activates Muscles 5. EMS Tones and Sculpts EMS Sculpt is used to tone and burn fat in targeted areas. 6. EMS Training is Gentle 7. EMS Training and Sculpt are Safe and Non-Invasive 8. EMS Technology Offers Flexibility 9. EMS is for Everyone 10. EMS is Fast and Effective About the Pulse Performance Franchise Opportunity The Pulse Performance franchise makes EMS technology accessible to everyone.