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Waukee students finish EMT training and ready to head into the field

May 31, 2023

by: Griffin Wright

Posted: May 16, 2023 / 07:20 AM CDT

Updated: May 16, 2023 / 07:20 AM CDT

WAUKEE, Iowa — For the first time, this year Waukee Schools held a class for students to take where they would train alongside real EMT and EMS professionals and learn what it takes to do the job. Now the inaugural class is celebrating and thinking about the future and joining the field.

Wrye Downs, one of the students in the course, said that the experience has been invaluable for learning about the EMT field.

"The fact that both of our instructors work at the fire station in Waukee, it helps to get connections and also helps us with how it would be in the real world. They can give us tips and everything which is kind of nice," Downs said.

Downs plans to become an EMT once he graduates.

Chris Huynh, another student in the EMT course, said that the class has been rewarding.

"People think it's a little bit intimidating that you’re working in an ambulance and responding but it's really like you just get that good accomplishment feeling. That's what I really like from it. I get to be a high schooler and do all of this," Huynh said.

Both Downs and Huynh plan to get nationally certified as EMTs over the summer.



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