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Girls rescued at Surfside beach amid strong rip currents, police say

May 20, 2023

Two girls were rescued by local officials from a strong current at Surfside Beach.

Parents Gary and Kimberly Kiker are counting their blessings after their daughters were rescued from a strong ocean current while at Surfside Beach.

Two of their daughters were on a paddle board during a family outing to the beach when they started panicking after seeing large fish. Between paddling and a strong current, the girls ended up two to three miles out from the beach. Their parents notified Bob Petty, the owner of Beach Front Bar and Grill, and he contacted Surfside Police.

A Marine 1 Unit, which is a police marine boat, was sent to retrieve the girls. They were still on their paddle boards, but scared. Their dad met them at the marina with relief. "Thank you SO MUCH Surfside Beach Tx EMS, Surfside Beach, TX police department for saving our girls!! Thank you Bob Petty and Beachfront RV Resort for the quick direction!" he wrote on Facebook.

Rescues aren't uncommon at the beach. Chief William Moncier said there were about 12 rescues last summer, which is a little above average.

"If you're swimming in the ocean, we suggest that — even skilled swimmers — you have a life vest on," Moncier said. "Be prepared for any incident that could arise. You can be the best swimmer, and if you're not prepared, accidents can happen."

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