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10 products to help stay on track with your golf fitness and wellness goals beyond January

Aug 28, 2023


Late January is always that point in the off-season that it seems to get harder and harder to keep up with the fitness goals we all set for the New Year. To combat fitness demotivation and stay on track for a strong and health return to the course come spring, we scoured the fitness section of the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show for the latest and greatest products.

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Katalyst is shaking up the way you work out by using electro muscle stimulation (EMS) to strengthen major muscle groups that are critical to your golf swing. By mimicking the brain signals that cause your muscles to contract, you are able to achieve the same level of muscle activation that you’d reach after hours of traditional exercise in less time. It also reduces joint impact and risk of injury because the compact suit uses your body weight to train key golf muscles.

Ice your back, knee or shoulder from anywhere with these three products from Hyperice line. Each of the neoprene wraps hold an ultra-thin ice cell in place and delivers extra-cold surface contact using a patented air-release valve that keeps the ice in place. Hyperice can help enhance recovery, reduce inflammation and loosen tight muscles hands-free and on-the-go.

Increase your speed and distance with this speed-training system from Rypstick. The package includes a swing analysis from Dr. Luke Benoit, the Rypstick, which includes eight unique weighting combinations and the RypRadar which provides real-time feedback during your speed training sessions.

The Feel Good Duo from Flexpower is a new, natural way to combat pain. The Flexpower Warm Lotion heats up quickly and provides a natural anti-inflammatory that helps you to keep going during your round. While the Flexpower Cool Bath Salts are a refreshing way to reset your mind, ease joint pain and reduce muscle fatigue, swelling and discomfort at the end of a long day.

EyePromise Visual Edge Pro is a new supplement that has helped athletes like Padraig Harrington transform their ocular health and performance. Each pack contains the eleven key nutrients that help combat eye irritation and dryness, reduce glare and light sensitivity, and improve reaction time, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

This compact and complete at-home training system from GolfForever was created to help golfers tackle common limitations and weaknesses that plague their game, while also preventing injuries. In addition to the top-of-the-line equipment, you’ll also gain access to pre-round warm ups, speed drills, flexibility routines, rotational power workouts, balance training and courses on pain relief.

The Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini is a super compact massage gun with a high stall force at 40 pounds of pressure and up to 2800 percussion per minute. Weighing just a pound, this easy-to-transport machine packs a punch and creates less than 40 decibels, so no one will even notice you’re using it.

The OXEFIT XP1 machine offers high-level training programs that are designed to help you enhance performance and accomplish fitness goals. Equipped with force plate technology and motion sensors, this intelligent machine will catch asymmetries, weight imbalances and correct your form in real-time. You can also create custom workouts and control your weights with the swipe of a finger on the touchscreen display.

If you suffer from tired or sore muscles, this kit from Oars + Alps is a great addition to your gym back or golf locker. Their Anti-Everything Body Powder prevents moisture and chafing during your round or workout. The Epsom Salt Soap Bar soothes sore muscles and hydrates your skin with Shea Butter. The real powerhouse of this trio is the Muscle Recovery Balm, which relieves stiffness and soreness after a long round or tough workout.

4ore Nutrition is a hydration mix that you can take out on the course with you and add to any standard bottle of water. Each packet is full of key electrolytes and minerals that will help your performance in the gym, on the course and even during your recovery. Choose from their five options and decide what you want to improve: focus, energy or recovery.